McMaster University's fleet of copiers consists of multifunctional devices offering sustainable copy, print and pdf capabilities.

A "Standard Accounting" document is available for our new Xerox devices. For more information, read the Customer Training Instructor Guide

Printing on distributed print devices such as the fleet copiers is always recommended for small quantities. However, when you need to run larger jobs over about 250 copies, the Print Group can do it more cost effectively for you.

MPS’ electronic submission process, PrintPal, provides convenient, online order entry, quick turnaround and timely delivery for higher quantities. To register, please click here.

In order to serve you better, we have made some changes to our fleet copier customer support services as follows.

Service Requests

You can now place a service request simply by dialing our PrintSmart extension at 22111 or by emailing A customer service representative will create a service request for a Xerox technician to assist.

Toner & Paper Orders

Toner Orders

For toner requests please complete the following order form here.

Paper Orders

For copier paper requests please complete the following order form here.

Facilities Services, in partnership with the Campus Store, manage the processing and fulfillment of white copy paper supplies on Campus. Cascades Repro Plus 50% Recycled Copy Paper, 20 lb.

For specialty papers, including cover stocks and colour paper, please send an email request to

Photocopier Requests

Arranging for a new fleet copier is a fairly involved process as we have a finite number of copiers currently deployed around the University under our contract. As a result, the only way we can free up a copier is to take it from a place where it is being under-utilized. The process of meeting with the department, discussing the issues and gaining agreement to move the copier, and arranging for the actual move, takes time.

Requests are reviewed with a view to maximizing the utility of the machines across the University. Unfortunately, not all requests can be accommodated. However, a reasonable explanation and suggestions for alternatives will be provided in the event that we cannot fulfill your request.

The first step in acquiring a new fleet copier, or to move an existing device to a new location, is to complete a copier request form and to send it to

One of our customer service representatives will confirm that your order is in the queue and will be reviewed shortly.


Black & White: 0.06 per impression
Color: 0.22 per impression

Please note: These rates are effective May 1st, 2017.